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Category: Ayan » [A]
Year: 2009
Director: K.V.Anand
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Starring: Suriya , Prabhu , Tamannaah , Akashdeep Saighal , Jagan
Ayan is a 2009 Tamil action film co-written and directed by K. V. Anand. The film, starring Suriya, Prabhu, Tamannaah and Akashdeep Saighal in lead roles, was produced by M. Saravanan and M. S. Guhan, distributed by Sun Pictures. The film score was composed by Harris Jayaraj, the soundtrack released on 19 January 2009. Edited by Anthony Gonsalvez, the film was filmed by M. S. Prabhu. The film's story revolves around deva, a youngster whose mother wants him to become a government official. He, on the other hand, works for a smuggling group run by Arumuga Dass who has been his mentor and looking after him since childhood. Conflict occurs when Deva's archrival, Kamalesh opposes and tries to eliminate Arumuga Dass from the smuggling business. Who wins in the conflict forms the climax of the story. The film was launched in Chennai, while filming also took place in various locations out of India, including Namibia, Malaysia, Zanzibar and South Africa. It released on 3 April 2009 worldwide to positive reviews.Ayan was declared as the solo blockbuster of the year in Tamil cinema, collecting about ₹80 crore (US$12 million) worldwide. It was also dubbed and released on 1 May 2009 in Telugu as Veedokkade, which was a box office success in Andhra Pradesh and also in Kerala.
1. Honey Honey (320kbps) (12.22 MB)
2. O Super Nova (320kbps) (5.74 MB)
3. Nenje Nenje (320kbps) (13.19 MB)
4. Vizhi Moodi (320kbps) (12.67 MB)
5. Pala Palakkira (320kbps) (12.43 MB)
6. Oyaayiyae Yaa (320kbps) (12.9 MB)
7. Honey Honey (128kbps) (4.91 MB)
8. Nenje Nenje (128kbps) (5.3 MB)
9. Oyaayiyae Yaa (128kbps) (5.18 MB)
10. O Super Nova (128kbps) (2.31 MB)
11. Vizhi Moodi (128kbps) (5.09 MB)
12. Pala Palakkira (128kbps) (4.99 MB)
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